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  1. Current Inventory

    For more information please call 702-456-6600 or Visit Our Website Or Email Us If your looking for something and don't see it call. The list may not be updated yet with today's shipments. DANIEL DEFENSE IN STOCK AND UP TO $500 OFF!!! LIMITED SUPPLIES! Some Products are advertised at MAP...
  2. Reinforcing patio glass sliding door...

    +1 on the use of security film. If installed correctly it takes much longer for them to get thru the glass, and if you have an alarm that goes off the extra time it takes them to get thru the glass may make them think about trying to go in with the alarm going off.
  3. Gun Selling

    There is also, its a NV only classified site similar to what BP used to be. Post and Sell.
  4. Re-certification costs

    Those are the requirements currently.
  5. Re-certification costs

    Requires a Live Fire Certification and Classroom Time NV State Requirements are 4 Hrs for Renewals.
  6. Re-certification costs

    Our renewal classes are $50, and the state fee for renewals is $61.25.
  7. Here is a list of current inventory as of 05/25/18

    For more information please call 702-456-6600 or <a href="">Visit Our Website</a> Or <a href="">Email Us</a> <i></i> If your looking for something and don't see it call. The list may not be updated yet with today's shipments...
  8. About Davidson's Firearms

    Forgot about that fixed now.
  9. About Davidson's Firearms

    New Bigger Location Updated 4/11/18 Hello Nevada Shooters Members! Well We have been going for about 7 years now, and we just moved into a new bigger space! We have doubled our size again. And now we have LOTS of parking!!! We have doubled our Retail area fro displaying products, and will...
  10. Mossberg 590 Shockwave 12 GA 14" Barrel/syn - $329.99 shipped w/code "MDH"

    That’s a good deal. Of course we have been selling them locally this week for $359. We only have about 6 left right now but if you don’t want to wait for shipping and pay a transfer fee when it shows up come see us. Davidson’s Firearms 702-456-6600
  11. *** Daily Deals!! SCAR 17S, Springfield TRP & M1A, Coonan, Daniel Defense V11 & More! OTD

    We have new daily deals that will be posted each day. These deals will only be valid for the day they are posted! These deals are not available for layaway, and there will be no holding any deal of the day items. First come first served. The prices listed are Out The Door Prices, they include...
  12. The CCW waiting game...

    Went in with wife Monday for her renewal and we were in and out in 30 mins.
  13. Estate Sale

    We have a HUGE collection from private estate sale! Here are some of the firearms that are available! Watch for more to be listed as they are ready for sale! Handguns: AMT Automag 22Mag $749 Colt Cobra 1968 38spl NICKEL $950 Colt Junior Colt 1972 .25 Mint $475 Colt Police Positive 1926...
  14. $699 ***Black Friday Week Sale ***. Troy Optics ready Carbine Limited Quantities - get yours now

    These are awesome rifles! You get a top quality AR, with a $300 Troy rail, that means your paying $399 for an AR.... Get one before they are gone! Must mention ad to get this price! CQB-Optic Ready Rifle ships no-frills without sights to allow you to add your own optics. The rifle is dressed...
  15. Consignment sales

    We aim to make selling your pre-owned firearms easy for you. Glad we were able to get them sold for you.
  16. Electronic Filing of Form 4's

    Jerry, The SID terminal doesn't file electronically. All it does is collect the finger prints and send them to silencer shop for them to print them out and mail a physical form 4 to ATF on behalf of the end user. We also have a terminal in store. Have done over 150 sets of prints for customers...
  17. Bought a Sig .22 today!

    Yes the slide is steel. Our price including tax is $582.93 If you have any other questions please ask or you can give us a call at 702-456-6600. Thanks
  18. Form 4 Problems? FFL Problems?

    I've been out all week sick. I'm sure its at the store but I don't want to get anyone sick since I had/have strep and its contagious. So once I get a chance to go thru mail that came while I have been out I will let you know. As far as posting it online, that I'm not going to do as it contains...
  19. Form 4 Problems? FFL Problems?

    I just talked to Damon the supervisor. He had me email him the form 3 and he said he will get it entered by the processing people tomorrow morning. So I am hoping that this will get processed quickly and then we can be done!
  20. Form 4 Problems? FFL Problems?

    I just called NFA branch again just now and was told that there was nothing approved on April 15th. The only thing they have in the system is the disapproval from Jan 19th..... I swear this is f**king ridiculous!!! I asked to speak to a supervisor and what do I get a voice mail box.... This...