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    Nevada Shooters Hats, NOW AVAILABLE!

    I know I'm a PITA around here, if you ever do these in a Sand, OD, FDE I'd surely be in for more that one.
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    For Sale: Swan 500 HF ham radio, in very good condition

    I'll take it, Thanks Much ;)
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    Cancer sucks.

    Very sorry for your loss, I can only offer that she's resting peacefully now. My wife lost her mother on March 2nd. I wanted to say something but we decided not to. Since coming back from Oregon I was experiencing major waves of pain over my entire body. I'll just keep it short, took ex-rays...
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    Grand opening in Pahrump 6/23 with free classes (and chow)

    I have to agree, this is pretty neat and really gracious for Chuck to offer. I'd don't know if I've ever genuinely Thanked you for the classes I've taken over the years so here it is, Thank You Sir.
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    It pays to enter contests sometimes

    Nice ! Congrats (y)
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    A1 uppers

    Thanks, with Brownells out of everything, 6-8 month wait at NDS and not a bunch elsewhere was just curious.
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    Gun screws, where to find in vegas?

    Flamingo & Pecos Ace Hardware is always my first choice for anything nut/bolt/screw gun related. Also if your North Meads Hardware, great Mom & Pop old fashioned hardware store.
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    Pay it forward

    Still have them
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    A1 uppers

    Hey Dave, Just curious if you guys have ever considered doing to some A1 type uppers and lowers, seems like a solid demand for these ? Thanks.
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    Barrel Wrench Tools ?

    Lol, ^ think most of us have done that at least once. I took the Upper to a local Smith for barrel removal, no issue we've moved forward. Wish I could post a pic of the outcome. Everything is pretty decent except the M16 A1 furniture kit from Numrich, Jesus its in rough shape. Thanks for the...
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    I finally got it out, ran maybe 70 rounds down the pipe. It ate everything and thru every mag I fed it including some gangter cheapie 12 rounders, Colt WWll, Wilson & a few no name don't know where I got'em and the stock mags. Also accurate as all get out too. Finally, we have a winner, still...
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    WTB small Ar parts

    Thanks guys. Pretty much found what I needed. Thanks you know who you are. I'll get the rest at NFA.
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    Airguns for sale! Very nice for pesting and practice

    Jim, I'll take NO #5, if you have an extra scope or rings for it I'd be interested, more or less take it for whatever you ask. We have a bunch of packages coming tomorrow so I need to stick around, Tuesday morning I'm gtg have cash if that's cool.
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    Cold Creek Rd Shooting Area?

    I'm really getting annoyed with this quote thing every single time I post ???? What gives. So are you sayin they stage out there 7 days week cause I'm not seeing them. What I do see is open roads and people shooting. I've personally been shooting out there since about 83. I've heard and read...
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    Cold Creek Rd Shooting Area?

    I'm a little confused, I drive past MM103 once a week on a weekday. I see cars, trucks down in the dunes and there's only one thing they can be there for. The 4 entrance points I'm aware of are not closed ?
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    TAVOR SAR & MP 2.0 FDE | Summerlin

    Forgive my ignorance, is that 2.0 an 45acp ?
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    Nevada Shooters Store - T-Shirts & Hoodies ON SALE NOW!

    Received our hoodies today, they look great !
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    10.5 vs 11.5 AR Pistol

    I've been procrastinating for the last few years on an SBR with a Can, really need to just get it done and stop talking about it. To the op, PSA has a great 10.5 starter Upper for a pistol on sale from time to time for 169.00. It's what I used then built my own from parts from New Frontier...
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    WTB small Ar parts

    CaptKurt, I have a complete A1 furniture kit on the way, triangle handguards, pistol grip & buttstock, original stuff. Kinda looking for just the hardware on this one. I'll definitely keep that as an option, going to NFA probably Monday hopefully to find what I need if nothing comes about here...