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  1. Sold Please close.

    TTT Make me a reasonable offer.
  2. Supressor options

    Agreed, I ended up not doing a trust this time around.
  3. Supressor options

    Haha Yah I saw your post and didn't even look at the year.
  4. Supressor options

    Titan have you gotten your stamp? I am now at 172 days. Hoping any day now.
  5. Sold Please close.

    TTT. A great pistol. Someone must be looking for one.
  6. Sold Please close.

    Stippling was done by finelinetactical. You can check out his Instagram page and you will see the grip on there. He charges $375.00 level 2.
  7. Sold Please close.

    I bought this and immediately sent this out for grip work. It has been unfired, Includes 2 17 round magazines. Looking for $650 or best offer. Grip work alone was over $300. Only reason I am selling is I had an opportunity to purchase a rare CZ pistol and would like to use the money to build it...
  8. CZ Unicorn Steel Frame P-01 with Safety

    Person wants $650.00. I was actually able to purchase another one at a shop that had one sitting around so maybe not as rare as I thought debating on picking up the second one. I paid the same at the shop shipped also.
  9. Gunsmith recommendations

    Deus Ex Machina Gunsmithing is who I go to for all my Gun Smith needs.
  10. WTS Any Custom Holster

    You can talk to Silver Bullet Concealment or look at there website, they custom made one for one of my pistols off of my pistol. I bought a second Holster there and ended up selling the gun before they started. Basically I will be selling you my $70.00 in store credit for only $50.00. You can...
  11. Big Cholla sorry. My mistake the magazines were all ready sold. Only the case is available if...

    Big Cholla sorry. My mistake the magazines were all ready sold. Only the case is available if you want.
  12. Sold Please Close

    Big Chollo PM Sent
  13. Sold Please Close

    I have a Premium Scoped 48" Rifle Case that I bought for a rifle. This case has been sitting in my closet and still looks new. I paid $100.00 for it and would like to get $65.00 for it. I live in Henderson NV.
  14. Sold please close

    Sold Please close
  15. Sold please close

    I am not sure I don’t know much about holsters. I know it has some cant I also have credit at silver bullet of $70.00 that I would sell for $50. You can have him make you any holster you want. Local shop so nice to be able to talk to him and see options.
  16. WTS Any Custom Holster

    Someone must be planing on getting a holster made soon. Or maybe something else. $70.00 worth for only $50.00 let me know.