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  1. Tophog

    Hornady Frontier: Hot loads = weapon failure

    Sounds like a decent way to keep the 'Commies' from focusing on us conservatives. "Don't worry, folks. Their guns jam at every opportunity! No threat." Keep up the good work. You're almost fully assimilated into the Austin mentality. :D - BTW, the new 'smilie' selection sucks!
  2. Tophog

    New member, first post

  3. Tophog

    Finally joined

  4. Tophog

    Tuesday's Chuckle

    I might pop in like Stan Lee!
  5. Tophog

    Tuesday's Chuckle

    He's a close third! But since Elliot and Selleck got a few years on me, I figure Jonnson's the best pick. But with my luck, they'd pick Kevin Hart!
  6. Tophog

    Tuesday's Chuckle

    Special effects do wonders!
  7. Tophog

    Tuesday's Chuckle

    If Elliot is still alive, he'll do!
  8. Tophog

    Nevada / Battle Born design 1911 grips

    Nice. I sent her a message.
  9. Tophog

    Tuesday's Chuckle

    Duane Johnson. :D
  10. Tophog

    Tuesday's Chuckle

    Lots o' stuff not yet public. Read my memoirs after my passing! Might even be made into a movie! :cool:
  11. Tophog

    Tuesday's Chuckle

    Hahaha! Had a similar situation when the Ex was leaving me for some rock band dude! I told the ex the next woman in my life would have bigger breasts and a smaller mouth! That didn't go over well! Specially since her sister fit the bill.
  12. Tophog

    Hi from Henderson

  13. Tophog

    New to the site

  14. Tophog

    New To Vegas

  15. Tophog

    Anyone been watching Live PD.

    You should live in Pahrump. You'd be constantly hammered!
  16. Tophog

    Anyone been watching Live PD.

    Yeah, you would!
  17. Tophog

    Cold Creek Rd Shooting Area?
  18. Tophog

    Private messaging

    Click on inbox, then 'Start new conversation', enter recipient's name, etc.