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  1. Photojared

    WTS: Ruger 10/22

    Hey YG, Did Mac pick up the 10/22?
  2. Photojared

    SOLD WTS KEL TEC sub 2000

    Glock 17 or Glock 19?
  3. Photojared


    Your pictures are like thumbnail size. I cant find any information about the fire rating. Does the door say?
  4. Photojared


    Eh, nevermind. I don't really care. I'll take it for $375
  5. Photojared


    Hey YG, Mosin is number matching?
  6. Photojared

    Scar 17s fde only 60 rounds $3,200. Price drop to $3,000. Pictures now up.

    I'm not a mod but you'll need to read the rules about posting an ad...
  7. Photojared

    Hk45ct for sale or trade *Price drop!!

    Sent you a question about the SP101
  8. Photojared


    I've been reading of $20k+. Thanks for the information
  9. Photojared


    My wife and I have been taking about adoption. I've heard of ballpark figures for it, mind giving me an idea what you guys have spent?
  10. Photojared

    WTS FDE Glock 42 *SOLD*

    Stop taking my money.... I'll take it.
  11. Photojared


    Apparanly “I’ll take it” rules don’t apply. Pretty disappointed.
  12. Photojared


    I'll take this if you're ok selling to a non-CCW holder. Will supply NV ID for bill of sale. I'll send you a text in the morning. I can also meet late morning if you’re available.
  13. Photojared

    Post your offroad vehicle

    The engine is already out of the white Jeep and I'm starting to do frame stiffeners and a couple of other things that need to be done before the LS gets dropped in. The 4.0 will go in the red jeep. My wife has staked her claim for that jeep.
  14. Photojared

    Precision armory customer appreciation month! All may long

    How much would that make a Glock 43?
  15. Photojared

    WTS BNIB Glock 43

    Seconds if Chh429 doesn't take it.
  16. Photojared

    Post your offroad vehicle

    I still have it. Its been sitting in my garage ever since we moved into our new house over a year ago. The LS swap is nearly complete. I've started to order stuff to swap the LS over to this new white Jeep. So the new jeep will basically be the end game. I wont really need to do anything to it.
  17. Photojared

    Post your offroad vehicle

    Here's my new XJ:
  18. Photojared

    WTS Wilson Combat CQB 1911 includes (15) Wilson Combat Mags***ALL SOLD!!!***

    You really won't sell to someone without a NV CCW? I'd love to pick up that Glock 17 from you... Does being a licensed real estate agent count for anything ?? Lol
  19. Photojared

    CLEARANCE Sale on Forged Lowers!

    This is really cool of you guys. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to get up there and pick one up.