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    A Good Dog's Final Thoughts

    "Basket Case" ain't that the truth. We've lost 3 family members in the last year. Losing Izzy is totally leaving me empty it sucks bigtime. My Hurkybutt hasn't eaten in 3 days, he's glued to me at the hip in depression. I'm going to hit lied in the next day or so and rescue an older girl for...
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    A Good Dog's Final Thoughts

    That's just too crazy, today I said goodbye to the love of my life. RIP Izzy 2004-2018 I've been crying uncontrollably all day. Sorry for your loss.
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    Late Colt SP-1

    I forgot to add I'm in Las vegas
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    Late Colt SP-1

    Only going to be here for a day or so. Bought from a collector I'm the second owner. Beatiful bore and all original, yes that's an early Colt bayonet and I have the original Colt 20's. No forward assist or shell deflector. It's a Beatiful example, right now it has an Franklin trigger installed...
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    Building the Colt "Unicorn" AR pistol

    Since your talking unicorns, nice I like yours.
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    S&W 357 FS

    Special of the day, where the hell else you,gonna find free beer when you buy a nice gun ! That's right ladies and gentleman. Take a close look that's 6 30 packs of good ole bud light. 7.62 throw'in out some love and good buzz.
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    S&W 357 FS

    Feel free to make an offer. If your walking into a gun store, finding this with speed loaders, at least 500 rounds of ammo, padded case and the sweetest trigger of any handgun. I don't know......for $500 maybe run :eek: I'll drop it to $700
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    S&W 357 FS

    Thank you RKBA. I'll get a picture of that shortly. Ok on the frame side, ABK 4530/MOD.19-5 On the cylinder side, A16/87316
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    S&W 357 FS

    I'm not sure what model it is, but I know it's old school. This wheel gun has the sweetest trigger of any handgun I've ever shot. It supposedly was worked over by an Air Force armorer back in the 70's maybe and shot in .mil completion. It will shoot both 38 & 357 and it's pretty damn accurate...
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    WTB, or Trade if you can do these

    well what the heck, Thanks Gullwing :). it did work when I previewed it.
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    How many stick shift drivers do we have?

    3 on the tree here too, 52 Ford pickup with a 292. My 4X4 4Runner is a 5 speed.
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    WTB, or Trade if you can do these

    Mods you can lock this one. Thanks Much.
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    WTT our Mercedes

    Looking to trade my wagon, it's got 150,000 miles on it. It's been 100% great reliable car for us. I picked up a nice Ford Escape for the wife. The Mercedes was our backup car. I believe it needs a basic going over and tune up by a good mechanic and your GTG. It's been registered and insured...
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    WTT our Mercedes

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    When you leave Nevada, do you miss it?

    30 years and Nevada is home, Travel to Utah & Arizona mostly no problem. The Only place I hate traveling too is Kommiefornia, I get the shakes and SA is sky high until I cross back into our state line. Then it's like Ahhhhh home and I'm fine again.
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    I'm going to step in here as I've just purchased a case of this, the sellers are nice folks but this is not 168g ammo. I believe this is Hirtenburger Surplus 308, bullet weight is 146g and it's berdan primed, so not really reloadable. It is nice clean ammo though. I'd post pics but I give up...
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    Nevada Shooters Hats, NOW AVAILABLE!

    I know I'm a PITA around here, if you ever do these in a Sand, OD, FDE I'd surely be in for more that one.
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    For Sale: Swan 500 HF ham radio, in very good condition

    I'll take it, Thanks Much ;)
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    Cancer sucks.

    Very sorry for your loss, I can only offer that she's resting peacefully now. My wife lost her mother on March 2nd. I wanted to say something but we decided not to. Since coming back from Oregon I was experiencing major waves of pain over my entire body. I'll just keep it short, took ex-rays...