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  1. The NFA Waiting Game

    I have a Form 4 Cashed 2/23/18. that was approved 8/28/18. Still waiting for it to arrive to my dealer. Hoping for the call any day now.
  2. In-N-Out Burger faces boycott for California GOP donation

    I've had worst. I do like animal fries though. Burgers with extra peppers delicious.
  3. In-N-Out Burger faces boycott for California GOP donation

    In-N-out is too cheap and delicious to even be in the same sentence as boycott.
  4. Looking for Gunsmiths in Las Vegas that can work on HK MP5 type clones.

    I would try gunsmithing by deus ex Machina. James the chief Machinest is a MP5 guy. Every time I go in I talk to him about MP5’s.
  5. SBR vs. Pistols

    I have an AR Pistol. With a Maxim Brace. Love it but always worry about NFA changes. I know they reversed the stance on if it changes it to an NFA item. But they left the shouldering pretty grey and could be interpreted many ways. Of course I have never heard of anyone having issues. But...
  6. Please close sold

    I bought two custom holsters from Silver Bullet Concealment on west Tropicana but sold one of my guns. So i still have the shop credit of $70.00. For the second holster. I don’t plan on buying a holster soon so willing to sell someone the store credit for $40.00. I have spoken to the owner and...
  7. Sold please close.

    Last try before I drop it off tonight. Great deal.
  8. Sold please close.

    Huge price drop for quick sale 1 day before I take it to my local shop to sell it on consignment. Just too busy. No trades.
  9. Sold please close.

    TTT Great deal on a new gun.
  10. Sold please close.

    Bump for a great deal on a new gun.
  11. Sold please close.

    Great deal for someone. New as the day I bought it. I have never fired it as I sent it out to get grip work done.
  12. Pros/Cons of an AR-15?

    I thought it was a gun rule that everyone must own 1 AR?
  13. Sold please close.

    I have a P10C that I bought new and never fired. I sent it out to get Professional stippling done by Fine Line Tactical in California who does amazing work. It comes with everything new 2 17 round magazines. I am also including a custom holster of your choice. I have already paid ahead of...
  14. Any interest in a Premium Membership that would allow photo attachments?

    How about you charge a fee to use the classifieds? Charge a couple dollars for classified adds after an item sells. That way the people who just come in here to sell stuff but not really part of anything else can also contribute. You also offer a premium membership you can use the classifieds...
  15. Added to another posting. Please close.

    I am a long time member and have done many transactions in this group. Anyone planing on having a custom holster made for them. Here is your chance to get a big discount.