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  1. AK gunsmith I Henderson/Vegas

    So, is this a political/ opinionated thread? Because if you need just ak gunsmith work then take it to John at M13 Industries. Beat a dead horse. Someone lock this thread up.
  2. Military Discounts

    Adidas at the las Vegas outlet or Belz outlet gives 10% off with showing military or VA id.
  3. In Memoriam . . . Members Gone Too Soon

    I remembered going to Jordi's wake and it hurt. He fixed my 22/45 but cursed at it "I hate springs!" I had a few adventures with him. Glock sleeve, chronograph, Windhorse airsoft, which he would purchase for his two boys. "Madspaniard." Yeah, he was mad up there lol. I remember Christina...I...
  4. AIWB kydex holsters

    I used to purchase only Dale Fricke holsters but moved on to local kydex holster makers like Bobtail (Nevadashooters) and Eric Powell of Powell Kydex holsters (Facebook).
  5. AK Build party in Vegas?

    :lurk5: eating popcorn.
  6. Ryan Moehler custom holsters anyone?

    March 28, 2014 and give or take about three weeks since I got this holster made from Bobtail. I love how this holster feels. I figured to share to share these pictures with all of you. The reason that the the leather backing is darker finish is because I applied 100& bees wax that I...
  7. Ryan Moehler custom holsters anyone?

    3/15/2014 the purpose I wanted this locally made custom holster is because Crossbreed is only building holster that are ordered from Feb 26, 2014 and prior. I need a left-handed small on back in the waist band holster for a Kahr CW9 and I want to use the Kahr CW9 within a week if possible...
  8. Ryan Moehler custom holsters anyone?

    I need an iwb holster and wondering if anyone has used his holsters before. He is in town. If you did how will you compare it to a Crossbreed super tuck and what is his price? Thanks.
  9. AK47s in vegas

    I got a Arsenal SGL-31 for 750.00 and my little brother got some milled arsenal for 750.00 during the scare and was in Machine Gun Kelly's. not a zastava, or an M&M, I&o, Waffen werks, Century arms international Wasr but it is probably not as you guys's named tack drviers for 850.00 and lower.
  10. Official AK Picture Thread!

    You are my Hero!
  11. Check this Glock out lol

    If this XDs pistol was found on the bottom sea floor of the Titanic, I will understand.
  12. Latest project.

    Nice Glock 17, ENOC whoever owns this pistol is my hero!
  13. Most reliable car?

    :wtf?: They seldom ever go bad so that is not a problem. No work space? That is not a problem if one likes Japanese cars and has patience. Reliable and cost effective to me, even the repairs.
  14. Official AR-15 Picture Thread!

    :iagree: :iagree::thumbup:
  15. Official AK Picture Thread!

    Thank you for the plug, man. It sure purty, Enoc. Everyone at the shop wanted you to finish those two parts kits and turn them to gems, you work hard for them and threw in the time. The two rifles will be stagnant in Nevadas shooters so I shared these two rifles and saying these are not mine...
  16. What do you wish you would have known before you started your first build?

    Pin no set screws. Focus on mechanical not accessories. Dedicate each upper to each lower. That is plenty.
  17. Official AK Picture Thread!

    Nice work.
  18. VIDEO: James Yeager: 922R Compliance with Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics

    This video is recently done, this was done during the 2nd AK builder's class held under the Rifle Dynamics banner.
  19. Steyr Pistols

    I found the sights on the Steyr M are a bit out of the ordinary as I see it is probably, designed as such for point shooting. Otherwise, shoots well.