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👍👍👍Nevada Shooters Custom Shirt/Hoodie Pre-Order CLOSED


Staff member
Due to popular demand, we have explored the option of making Dryfit shirts; T shirts with pocket; Long sleeve Tees with pocket; and OD/Military Green Hoodies available.

Pricing for short sleeve Tees and Hoodies are same as on the site:
Dryfit Tees in Black or Navy - $21 (S-XL, $24 for 2XL and 3XL)
Pocket Tees in Black or Navy - $21 (S-XL, $24 for 2XL and 3XL) (small logo printed above pocket);
Long Sleeve Pocket Tees in Black or Navy - $23 (S-XL, $26 for XXL and 3XL);
Hoodies in OD/Military Green - $28 (S-XL, $30 2XL, & $32 3XL).

Does not include tax or shipping, which will be at actual postage costs (no handling or packaging charges and will be at cheapest - most likely USPS First Class Mail).

UPDATE Orders are now closed. Order to be submitted to silkscreen 5/1. They should have it done within 10 business days. So we are looking at these to hit your doorsteps around the end of May.

Please post your selection and sizes below, for example:
"1x Hoodie XL in OD
1x DryFit Tee XL in Blue"

Then patiently wait for collection of funds around the last week of April.

For those that want regular Tees or a blue hoodie - they are available now in the Nevada Shooters store:
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Staff member
They are more expensive for some reason from this vendor (I looked).
PM me your size and I can give you some options/pricing.

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Staff member
[MENTION=20650]plodder[/MENTION] and [MENTION=3055]Dusty[/MENTION], etc

We'd have to have an order of 12 at a time (or more) in order to produce Long Sleeve, Pocket Tees, or Dry fit to sell them at the same price as the Tees ($21) and fulfill them ourselves (shipping $4-5 for 1 shirt, less per shirt for more shirts, plus Klark County sales tax).
Logo would be large and centered as it is shown below, except on the pocket Tees. The pocket tee would have it smaller and above the pocket.

The good news is we can mix match shirt styles to get that dozen.

Also, as these are special order, would need to collect up front :(

Finally, color wise, the logo would look best on dark colors.

Would love to overcome these hurdles and get some of the above styles ordered.

This is the logo I am talking about as each different logo has it's own set up charge.
I'm good with my hat, thanks for checking into it though.

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Same for me. Don’t do anything disruptive to your plans. Apparently most people are good without pockets. Who knows, I may have a weak moment and order one.
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No problem.

This is the same price as the regular Tees FWIW. We'd just need to get a group buy going is all.
I'm good for one pocket tee if You get a group buy going. Paying up front isn't a problem for Me.:wink: You take a check? :lkick::rofl: kidding
2xl for me please!


Staff member
When we get 12 we can collect funds.
I'm down for 1 dry fit in XL

So between Dusty and I that's 2 down, 10 to go!! :thumbsup:


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Staff member
After the first batch goes out, someone let me know how the fitment goes versus expectations. I just ordered a really cool shirt from somewhere else online, XXL as my normal cotton shirt size, and it came as one of the longer but slimmer versions. That doesn't work all that well on my fluffy torso.


Staff member
These will be made to order, so there will be just one batch unless we get interest for at least 12 for future buy.

The hoodie will be same as currently in the NS store, only in OD Green rather than Navy. But I'm not sure on the specs on the dry fit, long sleeve T, or short sleeve with pocket T that this group buy is for.