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WTS 14.5 barreled SOCOM 5.56 upper, with KAC RAS. Complete.

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I’m selling an unfired 14.5” SOCOM barreled complete upper. I haven’t even cleaned the barrel yet, still has factory preservative grease inside. Barrel extension, and upper lubed with Aeroshell grease, bbl nut torqued to 35 ft lbs. Delta ring has a couple scratches from KAC RAS install. Can easily be touched up.

14.5” Mennies SOCOM barrel with FSB, A2 FH
BCM “blem” upper receiver
KAC RAS rail with three 11 rib covers
PSA premium HPT / MPI inspected BCG
Colt CH, carbine gas tube

**DD rear sight, SiCo ASR FH, Streamlight HLX fl, TD stubby grip not for sale**

Item will be cross posted tomorrow (30th). $525 cash, no trades. Located in Henderson.

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