1st Gun, How old were you?

I was born in 1964 and my first gun was a Winchester 9422 that my Uncle gave me for my 7th birthday. I've owned a lot of guns for a lot of years, if I added up all the ones I can remember when I got them and added all the "gun years" up I know I've owned guns for well over 200 years and managed not to shoot anyone with one!


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In grade school. Maybe 8 or 10, don’t remember. H&r topper 20g

Conducted my first private sale (trade) a few years later on a street corner with a school friend. Half way between our respective houses, Maybe 12 or 13. The topper for a 12g mossberg bolt shotgun. Forget the model, but it had one of those twist adjustable chokes affixed to the barrel. Sold the bolt for a savage 511 sxs.

Times have changed. These were the only 2 guns I ever sold.


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7. 1901 Winchester boy’s rifle in 22 short. Been looking for one online and holy crap they’re expensive


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I don’t know exactly when he got it, but my dad bought me a 30/30 when I was born. I bought both of my sons guns for when they were born, as well. I got my own Marlin .22lr when I was 12


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Maybe 12.

Remington Model 76 Nylon Lever Action. My Dad bought me one of these while we were living in Sasebo Japan (60-64) The Marines had a range on the base we were allowed to shoot at. My buddies and I would leave our Quonset huts and walk to the range with our rifles slung on our shoulders. How things have changed.


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About 10, a semi-auto Winchester 22 my grandfather gave me. Still have it and still shoot it.
6 YO
177 CAL Daisy Real Wood --- awesome very accurate.
crossman m1 copy---not so accurate---but cool as hell
22 lr from friend @ 8
Wild west was very kool to be a kid:)-*


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My first gun was a Chinese Type 56 SKS.
I bought it sometime in the late 80's (87-88?) for $79 at a F.W. Woolworth's Five and Dime in the Carlsbad Mall in CA. I remember walking through the mall carrying my "assault" weapon in a cardboard box. I think I was 21 years old.
Kept till around 2008 or 09. Sold it due to medical financial reasons. Regret it ever since.
Only pic I have of it. I added a custom handmade thumbhole stock at sometime. I don't remember when. I also added a bayonet, I mean..tent spike, at the time which made it illegal in CA at the time.


I didn't get my first handgun gun until around 1991. I was 25 or 26. It was a Ruger P85 MKII.


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Didn't get my first one until 6 years ago when I was 35 lol! Pretty sure I'd never be a gun owner if I was still living in Jersey where I grew up. Or at least I wouldn't enjoy guns nearly as much as I do here.


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Remington 12A at 10 years old. Many significant memories of that rifle in the woods taking small quarry. Some "miracle shots" were had that will always be remembered. Still have it.


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Savage 220A .410 @9 years old. Extensive training by my grandfather-"don't shoot yourself in the foot". Had 450 acres to roam with that shotgun. Unfortunately the ranch burned in the Calaveras County fires. The shotgun is still with me.


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I want to say it was the year I entered Weblos in Scouts, so 10? I had shot .22 for the first time at a summer camp and was the only kid to get 3 bullseyes plus 1 dead center on the target (2” bull I think, but we were a generous closeness to targets). Those little single shot .22’s after years of bb gun practice got my parents thinking I was ready, so they bought me a Marlin 25N in .22LR with a 7 round mag. Still have it, has a Simmons 3-9x40 on top and still shoots great.