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I have a Remington 511 .22lr, great rifle. I'd like to mount an inexpensive scope to it. maybe join in at the NRL22 Tactical Rifle Match at DSRPC or, other .22 fun. The problem is it doesn't have any mounting holes. so I would have to get them drilled and, tapped. Is this a hugely expensive procedure. The idea is to not spend a lot.
I could just put one on my 10/22 but, id really like to use this rifle but, not if the cost isn't worth it.


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Believe it or not, on 511s (and others) some guys don't want to drill or dovetail. They glue a mount to the gun using shoo-goo type adhesives or some of the loctite products.
Usually, it reversable and correctable with heat and won't hurt the value of the gun like drilling/milling.
I would drill and tap, but I'm a hunter and my guns get knocked around and I couldn't care less about collector values.
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Walk in is cool, you will rewarded if you pre- game a little and find a rail that fits your rifle without obstructing, its never to late to think about eye relief when setting it up, so cruizing the forums for succsess rifles is effort well spent. feel free to call or text, if you have questions. when I get your rifle, mount, and screws, it takes me a couple of days. I usually jig it in the mill on day one, then come back in the morning a little early (no interruptions) and mill the holes.


tired of wanna-bee's put up or shut up.
After some research. I would need 2 weaver #43's. the front mount calls for a #42 but it doesn't seem to clear the factory sites to well. however, that puts my costs at $110 at $25 per hole. too much for what id like to use it for.
Gun Butler after researching him seems to be an excellent smith. I wouldn't hesitate to use him. In this case, the cost is above my needs for a .22lr for knocking around. However, if a few bucks fall my way. you'll see me in your store.
Not a fan of using glue either, the recoil is low and, it may work. I just don't want to look a fool if my scope falls off in front of the fine people I'm shooting with.
I think I'll see how good I can get with the iron sites. prob take a lot of practice. thanks for your comments, everyone.
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