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, 30-06 & 308 surplus. All sold. Mods can close.


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440 rounds French 30-06, I’ve shot 144 rounds of this through my M1 Garand. It shoots just fine but is corrosive so you want to clean accordingly. 146 gr cupronickel bullet. I’ve inspected 500 rounds of this and put it into bandoliers. Out of the 500, 8 had enough corrosion on the cases that I rejected. I took NYCO’s advice, inspect and shoot.

That’s a pull from one of my bandoliers and represents what it is. 440 rounds for $200 cash & carry.

Last is 300 rounds 147 gr 308-7.62X51 surplus Malaysian surplus. Decent 308, runs fine in my boomsticks ;).

$125 cash and carry from North Las Vegas.

All sold.
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Ahhhh crap, does this put me over the rules with the wtb,trade add? If that’s the case you guys can delete that add.

In my opinion you are OK, as far as I can ascertain, the rule applies to FOR SALE items, no more than two separate ads of FOR SALE items, with as many items in each of the two ads as you want. I don't see any forum rules / limits on Wanting to Buy or Trade posts. Good luck with the sale.