.327 Federal Magnum

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Do any of y'all have a wheel gun in this caliber? If so what's your opinion of the round and your revolver(s)?

I've never fired one but have read a few pieces about and watched some videos on it. My knowledge of revolvers is not vast however I like what I've read and seen. Does anyone know of a range that rents a .327?

I understand that the make and models offered in .327 have decreased and ammo options are limited. It's not near the top of my list to Santa Claus but is something I'd definitely consider if the majority of opinions are favorable.

Thanks gents
Haven't had a chance to try one, but I was VERY close to picking up a Ruger LCR in .327 about a year ago or so. Ammunition is somewhat limited, and the thing that got me is that the majority of available factory ammo seems to be trending toward lighter bullets. I was excited about it as a carry piece when Speer was still making 115 grain Gold Dots, the numbers looked very nearly the same as 9mm. Now the only defensive hollow point cartridges I see available are 100 grains or lighter, and that doesn't excite me nearly as much. The versatility of being able to shoot other .32 caliber rounds is nice, but I was looking at it more for carry, and that doesn't really help me in that case.