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5 inch smith model 14-2

Looking for info: found a S&W model 14-2 with a 5 inch barrel. Never seen one before, and didn’t even know they were made, but they are identified in the standard catalog of Smith and Wesson. Anyone out there know anything about this gun?
Model 14 is a good handgun.
The -2 speaks to the second series of refinements to the revolver.

I won't discuss collector value, and your assessment of value should be on condition more than anything.

If you want a nice 38spl revolver, the 14-2 could be right for you.


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Are you measuring from cylinder face to end of the barrel?
If it is a true 5 inch there were several orders for law enforcement, Illinois State Police and Missouri Highway patrol. I think the LEO guns were before the 14-2 model change. There were model 14s with heavy barrels made for LEO but these were 4 inch barrels.
The only way to know for sure is request a letter from S&W Historical Foundation.
This is a true 5 inch. I am aware of the 4 inch although you don’t see many, and this is the first 5 inch I have ever seen. Did quite a bit of research but not much out there


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If you want to provide the serial number I will contact a collector that has extensive info on the 5 inch model 14s
You can PM me the serial number.


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The guns were not marked for or by ILLINOIS OR Missouri organizations.
Value is going to depend on condition and documentation of it's origin.