6" 10mm 1911 options

I am a fan of the 10mm, can't pass up a 10mm discussion! Have at one time or another owned most of them: Dan Wesson, Glock 20, Colt Delta's, Kimber, Caspian custom, a custom Para-Ordnance steel hi-cap frame with a Caspian slide and Jim Clark ramped barrel, Springfield Armory, etc. Currently only have one and it is a 5" Kimber Stainless Target and based on it's quality and price if I were to buy a 6" that is what I would buy. Forged frame, awesome fit and finish, barrel lockup/slide/frame fit is perfect! Bomar type adjustable sight, fiber-optic front. What it doesn't have is the stupid rail on the dust cover.

BTW, I still have some boxes of original NORMA 10mm FMJ and HP stashed if you want to really blast a hog.