7.62x39 IMR-4895 Load Data


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I'm trying to ferret out why I can't seem to find 7.62x39 IMR-4895 Load Data it's conspicuously missing from my "Modern Reloading" manual by "Richard Lee" and googling does not appear to yield anything either.

I use IMR-4895 for ".223/5.56" and ".308/7.62x51" and "30-06" and ".375 H&H" with the readily available load data for the aforesaid why is nothing for "7.62x39 IMR-4895 Load Data" mentioned?

I see IMR-4227, IMR-4198 but bupkis for IMR-4895 for 7.62x39.

Anybody have a verified recipe for "7.62x39 IMR-4895 Load Data" or a reason why it's good for so many other rifle calibers bigger and smaller and not the 7.62x39?

Trying to keep the different powders I have on hand to a minimum.


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Well, I looked though 9 different reloading manuals, and all I can say is.....Invest in a different powder.....Sorry...

Maybe someone with quick load, could help?