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90's era colt king cobra issues

i just received my fathers 90's era colt king cobra. i went to the range mon and had and problem with it locking up.

When pulling the trigger da the cylinder would turn maybe 20 degrees and stop, felt like the trigger was hitting a hard stop. when pulling the hammer back same thing cylinder would turn 20 or so degrees then hard stop on the hammer. this appears to be heat related it didnt do it at all for the first 20 or so rounds. after letting it cool down it starting operating normally again. once hot the problem returned. im assuming there is some heat expansion and tight fitting parts. i cant say if everything internal is stock. my father was an engineer and tinkerer, it never did this when i was a kid.

does anyone have any tips on where to start looking or recommendations on a gunsmith that has experience with colts. i want this to work properly as it did and dont want any damage done to it while being repaired. this has a lot of sentimental value to me.