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A new "old" 1980 RUGER Single Six

Last summer I bought a 1980 RUGER Single Six with the "extra" .22 mag. cylinder, a cylinder which had not been used! And it was for the .22 mag. capability that I bought this remarkably well made revolver. So OK, is has some "holster wear" but that only gives it character. It's a companion to my RUGER 96/22 mag rifle.

One might expect that a "mere" .22 caliber pistol should not merit the degree of quality that RUGER put into this revolver, but there it is, a revolver of beautifly high quality. For only $315. I got this beauty through Guns America and a shop in New England.


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Good price.

I have 2, a convertible '3 screw', and my first one, made in 1957.

@Harley Sorry, no pics. This 'puter' won't accept the software. :)