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A Ruger--sort of


uber Member
This is a Manurhin revolver from France. The French police used S&W model 19 round butt with fixed sights but found out that the S&W 19 would not hold up to a steady diet of full power 357 magnums so the got a French Company to develop the Manurhin model 73. That model is still available but very pricey. the French have along history with Ruger, they still use the Mini 14.
Manurhin developed the model 88, shown below based on the Ruger Speed Six/Security Six revolver. the biggest difference is the Ruger drops the fire control group out the bottom of the frame, the Manurhin has a side plate. The grips are Traush and are ugly but very functional. The top of the grip keeps your hand from sliding up the back strap.
The 88 is chambered for 38 special had a tight lock up and very smooth trigger pull.