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AAR, August 3-5, 2018 – Phoenix, Arizona – Close Quarter Battle – The Study

Roger Phillips

Fight Focused Concepts
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AAR, August 3-5, 2018 – Phoenix, Arizona – Close Quarter Battle – The Study

By Chris Upchurch of Gunfighting 101

I recently had a chance to take Close Quarter Battle: The Study from Roger Phillips and Ninpo Student.

I’d taken a CQB class from Roger several years ago up in Las Vegas. He does a great job presenting the material and making the lessons very understandable and applicable for the armed citizen.

Ninpo Student has extensive military experience doing CQB; he’s been in a lot of gunfights over in the sandbox. This experience gives him a wealth of knowledge when it comes to CQB.

I actually first met Ninpo as a fellow student in that CQB class with Roger several years ago. It really says something about him that, despite his vast experience, he was attending a course from a civilian instructor in his area of expertise. That sort of thing is a big part of why I have such great respect for him.

Roger set this course up with both a 3-day and 2-day option. The three-day version had a live fire day on Friday at a local range, with non-shooting CQB instruction on Saturday and Sunday at a local manufacturing facility that was kind enough to host the class. The two-day version just included the non-shooting days. While I would have loved to do the shooting portion as well, I also wanted to minimize the use of my vacation days, so I went for the two-day version.

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