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Ak build suggestions


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As the title says, I'm looking for some suggestions on a full size ak. I've built 3 before(all cheap surplus kits, fixed stocks, flat receivers) and I'm starting to get the itch to build another but want this one to be nice enough to want to keep(uncanted sights, decent wood, etc) any suggestions on parts or brands to stay away from? Last time I built one was about 5 years ago and some guidance, tips or any other reminders would be greatly appreciated
Military grade is military grade. Most US produced stuff is (poop). I have built over 200 of them in various calibers and setups. Get a rare one from Rguns and an 80% from recreator or childers.


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If you watch you can see a good matching numbers parts kit with original barrel on a Bulgarian receiver once in awhile. I picked this one up off gunbroker, kinda rebuilt it and tweaked everything out right. It was a Hungarian kit. I detailed it out, sanded it down, blued it, new Russian furniture. Awesome nice AK. I wound up with about $1,500 in it but it is an awesome AK. I built it for my nephew who like you wanted a keeper. Like I said, go for matching numbers, original barrel in good condition, milled Bulgarian receiver (I sanded the import marks off this one). Another good bet to build off of is a Bulgarian SA-93. Milled receiver, Type III configuration. Deban it, good to work with. Stay away from the SLR-95 as you can't get a front sight base for debanning. They have the small diameter barrel but Type III type FSB. Not available anymore.



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I ended up going with a Romanian matching numbers kit off of royal tiger and a flat from ak builder.... anyone have a flat bending die I could come over and use or they could bring on by? I really dont feel like blowing $200 on another one(bought one years ago and gave it to a friend who moved out of state)