An open carry experience


living in Henderson NV
OMG! You carry a bazooka IWB! :smile5:

I use AG IWB holsters and the largest pistol I carry is a M&P 2.0 Compact. I usually carry a Shield or a P320 sub-compact and it is very comfortable with the AG holsters.
LOL...I carry that OWB right now. I've only tried that 9mm in that IWB around the house.
After I get back from my vacation I plan on picking up a compact 9mm and try IWB with that.
Let me preface this and say this happened the day after the school anti gun protests on March 14th. Wife and I are also about 40 days into waiting for our CCW's.

While my wife and I were checking out at a local store an older, 70ish?, lady stopped on her way in and asked me if what I was wearing was a gun.

My reply was Yes it is. She then asked why I needed a gun and said it frightened her. I asked why and she replied again that it's just frighting and it make's her feel unsafe.

She started speaking and my thought was..Here we go...the anti gun lecture.
I stated in NV it is legal and I am exercising that right and turned away to end the conversation. At that time my wife stepped in because she heard what was going on and told the lady I carry to protect her and himself against harm. I walked away at this point to finish the checkout and pay.

I could hear some as my wife continued to talk to her. Explaining how she was afraid of guns also due to a bad experience as a teen and how I showed her about guns and trained her to shoot.

After the fact I found out it was a positive experience with my wife and the lady. The woman was initially asking about my gun because she is elderly and alone and want's to get a ccw permit. My wife told her to get some information and training before just getting a gun.

My reaction was her approach of saying the sight of my gun frightened her immediately put me in a defensive attitude. I also don't always react kindly to strangers opinions out of the blue.

All in all. A learning experience for everyone.
I have to open carry as I don't gave my CCW, and also have to carry other things on my belt as well for work. I don't feel comfortable leaving them in my beater. Sometimes before work I'll stop at a gas station for some snacks... and the amount of dumb reactions I've had from people is sad. I'm at the point where I have one reply, which is mind your own business. It's like everyone has to stop and gawk like you're a unicorn and it's beyond annoying, but also makes me extra alert and slightly more paranoid of some dbag behind me in line trying to take it off of me.
Once you get your CCW, you will always carry concealed? Just curious.

I did the opposite, I preferred to not carry while I waited for my CCW. Once it arrived, I CC IWB pretty much 24/7. I was always of the mindset that you called too much attention to you by OC, even making yourself a target. I am not saying that OC is wrong, it's just not for me. Thoughts?

I haven't had trouble so far from OC in places like Winnemucca, Lovelock, Battle Mountain, Ely, several more Nevada towns.

A lot of people don't notice. The only negative experiences - a very disdainful look from an older woman in a coffee shop in Battle Mountain, asked to leave from a casino coffee shop in Winnemucca is about all in twenty years.

Yeah one more I forgot, a cashier at the Maverick Yelled tough guy with a gun or something like that several times in as derisive a tone as she could manage. I ignored her and paid my bill.

A snide comment or two but mostly friendly people and supportive. The snide comments are usually some variant of chiding because you should be conceal carrying. I can only remember one or two such.

I was staying at the Clown Motel in Tonopah and an Australian tourist asked me why do you carry a pistol ? I just said I don't need a reason. He said guess you're right.

I don't get a cc because I don't want to get permission for something I regard as a right. So there is no choice.

I have seen people say people oc to draw attention to themselves. That is the last thing I want.

When I lived in Denver I carried concealed, this was before it was legal with a permit. Continued to do so after it was permitted by the state.

Two things I like about open carry, it is a great tool for awareness and it is a great tool for remaining polite and friendly.

In Colorado it was a misdemeanor, as opposed to a felony in NV.

As far as making yourself a target it could be so. There aren't very many cases though. It is a deterrent. And the choice is a personal one anyway.

Realistically it's better to cc. I agree with that.

One other thing I agree with this-an un exercised right is a lost right.

Another problem is carrying a 1911 in condition one. That seems to scare some people. You can explain why and that there is no visible hammer in other semi autos but there is no difference, but I am met with a blank look.

Now I just say that is the way they were designed to be carried.