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Any MPX owners?


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Any of ya'll own a sig MPX? I've been lusting after one for some time now, and wanted to hear the scoop on them. Good, bad and ugly. I'm looking at the copperhead, and may or may not put a franklin binary in it.
I’ve had a gen 1 MPX for years. It’s one of my favorites to shoot. Be careful with aftermarket triggers the Mpx is known to break them. Usually have to go with a Mpx specific trigger.


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I have a Gen2 I bought used; guy must have shot 10,000 rounds and never cleaned it (dirtiest gun I've ever seen) :). I dropped a purpose built Timney trigger in it, a good red dot, and a better stock and after doing some load development to figure out what it likes to shoot, I really enjoy it. New shooters absolutely love shooting this gun and leave the range happy every time. Mags are pricey; and I also founds you need good conditions mag springs for reliable operation. It needs a different load than my 9mm pistol to cycle the action reliably, although it does shoot factory ammo very well.


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I bought my girlfriend a Gen 1 MPX right after the San Bernadino terrorist couple went on their rampage. She loves it, and is very good with it to 100 yards. It collapses down into a LA Police Gear case about the size of a brief case. It is her go-to truck gun