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Anyone interested in becoming a Firearms Instructor?


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The instructor is Mark Lund from Carson City, I'm going for pistol so i can teach CCW classes, Rifle and Shotgun disciplines are all done by Mark as well.
Check with your local Sheriff's office to see what certifications THEY require to become a CCW instructor. Here in Clark County, NRA Basic Pistol by itself is not sufficient.
This is the email from Mark
Initial NRA Instructors need to take "Basic Instructor Training"
First, a 4 hour gig, then they take a discipline, Pistol, shotgun, rifle, home firearm safety, personal protection in the home, personal protection outside the home.
Chief range safety officer.
On the Pistol, it requires that you complete the online classroom part
and complete the exam. Then I wrap it up with gun handling and shooting.
Rifle and Shotgun disciplines are all done by me. One day covers classroom and range, I send you home to complete the written exam, return and we score the exam and wrap it up. BIT is $100, pistol, rifle, shotgun is $200
The last I hear BIT is still an in person class. Each discipline is 8 hours for basic and pistol is the only one with a blended learning class. Then the instructor classes are about 8 hours each, I think a couple are 10 hours. Before you can take Personal Protection in the Home (PPITH) you have to complete Basic Pistol and you have have PPITH before you can take Personal Protection Outside the Home(PPOTH}. My PPOTH instructor course was 1.5 days in class and 1/2 day at the range.

I think the muzzleloading classes were the longest ones that I took. I think it was 10 hours in the class and then range time for basic and then 14 hours of class and then range time for instructor.