Anyone load 45ACP 230 gr Ball?


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I use 5.0 gr Bullseye.

But "ball" implies FMJ.

That said, I also load a lot of LRN like that, and shoot more of it than anything else, and is also what I carry daily in the EDC.


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I have been using the same load Mac mentions above for probably 50+ years, it works, is accurate, and a pound of powder goes a long way (about 1,400 rounds give or take) . Also burns pretty clean.


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Good point.
They refer to lead as hard ball.

Loaded up 700 plus rounds of plated with same recipe.


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Those, and also enjoy shooting SWC on paper for a good clean hole. Absolute fav though is as MAC stated, 5.0gr Bullseye. Enjoy(y)


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I might load up some SWC too.
I'm not buying more powder. Have lots of hp38 & sime aa#2 and aa#7 on hand.


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Anyone load 45ACP 230 gr Ball?
Doesn't everyone? I load with Hodgdon clays, HP 38, Bullseye, and others, It all works good. Takes a lot of shooting to go though an 8 lb jug!
I agree with the guys above on 5.0 grs. of Bullseye. The standard for 230 gr. for a hundred years and also works great for 200 gr. SWC's.