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I'm interested in what peoples opinions are on what they think would be the best trigger for my use (based on similar usage or personal experience not something you read on the interwebz). I have a 16" Daniel Defense and while the mil spec trigger is nice and broken in (not a lot of grit) it still has a heavy pull with a clunk for a reset instead of a clean click. I have another rifle with the two stage LMT trigger, while not a Geissele, is much smoother and has a nice identifiable reset.

I'd like something for rapid follow up shots on close targets without giving up any accuracy on 100+ yards.


I have a Vortex 1-4 on it so more of a CQ rifle with the ability to reach out to 400 - 500 yards. I was thinking a Geissele S3G but then they have this warning that makes me wonder:

"Item Number: 05-152

Availability: In stock

Note: The S3G trigger has a very short, light pull and reset. We do not recommend it for duty use, bench rest, accuracy work or shooting small groups. It is designed for close course competition use where rapid target engagement with quick follow up shots are required."



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Unless you plan on shooting competition, don't get the S3G. Look at the SSA, SSA-E or SD-E (depending on how light you want the break to be). Or check out the Timney 4 lb trigger.

ETA: I own an SD-3G, an SSA-E and Timney 4 lb triggers.


I have everything to do 3 gun and I'd like to think that after a little bit of practice I will, but who knows.

I'm wondering if you give up too much accuracy for speed though.


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At close range, you'll be fine on accuracy. Anything past 200, you'll definitely have to slow down. I think the lighter trigger helps prevent jerking the trigger at the last second.
First, I would suggest deciding on single stage or dual stage. For single stage, the Timney triggers are very nice. I have a SSA on my Mega AR308 and love it. If you want a dual stage, I would definately recommend it. Either one are fine for 3 gun. There are less expensive and more expensive options out there, but these two are both worth the money.



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Unless you plan on shooting competition, don't get the S3G. Look at the SSA, SSA-E or SD-E (depending on how light you want the break to be). Or check out the Timney 4 lb trigger.

ETA: I own an SD-3G, an SSA-E and Timney 4 lb triggers.
Second the SSA or SSA-E, I sold my S3G was too light. Heard good things about the G2S as well.


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I have an SSA on my 14.5 and a SD-C on my 10.5 pistol. Love the flat bow. I actually felt that the SSA-E was too light for me. I usually would end up pulling thru the first stage almost as if it wasn't even there.


Lots of love for Geissele ITT. To those that had and sold, or have the S3G what are your thoughts on it for a dedicated weapon?

I understand it's a light trigger with no noticeable break whatsoever it just goes bang. Do you guys know anyone locally that has Geissele triggers in stock preferably mounted to lowers so I can try dry fire a couple different models?


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As long as you keep your finger off the trigger, it'll do fine. I run around with an SSA-E on my 10.5" rifle. Btw, I sold my S3G I'm favor of the SD-3G. You should check that one out as well.
I appreciate the input. After much deliberation I ordered the S3G. I know some people say it's light but hopefully not too light. I'm thinking the only time my finger is on the trigger is when I'm on target.

I do like the 2 stage triggers but there's no debating their slower and this guns purpose is speed with practical accuracy. If I decide I want to shoot more precision I'll just slap the upper on my SBR lower with a 2 stage. I'll report back once I put some rounds down range which will hopefully be this weekend.
So I installed the trigger last night and fired a few hundred rounds today. What an awesome trigger! I basically shot standing and kneeling since I didn't bring a mat to shoot prone.

I went with the 4.5lb spring and didn't experience any bump fires. I'll try the 3.5lb spring next time out. The S3G is an interesting trigger. It's not like a single stage with a hard break nor is it like a two stage. I guess that's why they call it a hybrid. There's minimal resistance and it just breaks without you knowing it, it makes a mediocre shot like me seem like a pro - double taps at lightning speed.

I don't know what to compare the trigger to, but it's feels like a PS3 controller playing COD.

I used to kind of laugh at the thought of muzzle rise on a .223. Turns out I was just shooting too slow because now muzzle rise is an issue. The brake is en route.


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i have an SSA in one of my AR's and rock river NM 2 stage triggers in my other. The SSA is excellent all around. The NM is great too and less then 1/2 the cost.


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I put a Timney single stage trigger set at #2.5 in my best AR (Rainer Ultra SDM). Breaks like glass, easy install and has always remained safe.
Put some some time on the trigger this past weekend. Infortunately my scope is screwed so I can't speak as to the accuracy but the trigger is fast even the slow shots are still pretty quick.

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