Assorted Ammunition For Sale(115 gr.MAXXTECH 9mm, BLAZER .38 special LRN, Hornady VMAX .17HMR

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MAXXTECH 115GR. 9mm - 100rd $15

CCI BLAZER 158GR. LRN .38 Special - 50rd $15

Hornady 17GR. V-MAX 17HMR - $10

have mostly 9mm, and .38 special, atleast 5-10 boxes of 17HMR. May have some other random boxes of .45acp. prices can be discussed further if you buy 5 or more boxes of any caliber. Call or Text 702-239-6234, if you call and i dont answer, I'm probably working, but i will reply asap.


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Per forum rules, you need to have a location in the sale ad, and this should be in the trading post section of the forum. As soon as I get near a computer will move it for you, unless one of the other mods beats me to it.
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