August 3-5, 2018 – Phoenix, Arizona – Close Quarter Battle – The Study – 3 days $400 – 2 days $350

Roger Phillips

Fight Focused Concepts
This is the course that I would like see turned into an event this year. If you have one course that you were going to travel too this year.....this should be that course! When you take in consideration the facility, the hosts, the personalities, the student base, the courses, and this course being co-instructed by ninpo_student it really is a no-brainer that this is the Fight Focused Concepts (FFC) event of the year.

If you are concerned about the heat this time of the year in Phoenix you need to understand the reality of how we live the Southwest. We go from our air-conditioned houses, to our air-conditioned cars, to our air-conditioned jobs (in most cases.) Do not let your fear of a little hot weather keep you from the FFC event of the year.

Saturday and Sunday training will be conducted in a climate controlled environment.

Shooting is only around 10% of what needs to be done inside of a fight. I know you may be able to shoot......but can you fight? If you do not think you need to know or understand tactics, as part of your self defense tool box, you are sorely mistaken. Do not underestimate the value of tactical thinking and problem solving. It may not be about you being able to run a could be as simple as understanding how a team of criminals could be run against you.

August 3-5, 2018 – Phoenix, Arizona – Close Quarter Battle – The Study – 3 days $400 – 2 days $350

Co-Instructed by Roger Phillips and Colby Rupert

The first of the three days will be a live fire course at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility. We will cover essential handgun skill sets that will prepare you for taking your newly refined skills into the arena of CQB. The second and third day will be a non-projectile CQB course run in a very large climate controlled building.
If you would like to see photos of the building that we will be training in and the type of training we will be doing check, out this AAR thread from the last time we used it.
Day one live fire portion of the course we will cover;
  • The retention concept
  • Ready positions
  • Handgun transfers
  • One handed shooting
  • Ambidextrous shooting
  • Flashlight positions
  • Shooting from cover and concealment
  • Dynamic movement point shooting
  • Controlled movement sighted fire
Close Quarter Battle Course Description
When it comes to fighting for you life, the most valuable tool that you own is your mind. Fight Focused Concepts course, Close Quarters Battles – The Study is the in-depth study of strategies, tactics, and skill sets that are necessary to be as efficient and effective as possible while fighting in confined spaces. Since 1999, I have been pushing to learn as much as I possibly can inside of the realm of self defense……at the highest levels possible. This is the course where all of that work comes together and reaches it’s apex. These are the training situations and experiences that make us realize that all that we have learned in the past, was nothing more than a building block approach to reaching that summit that is CQB – The Study. This is where it all comes together……. this is where everything becomes crystal clear……. this is where it is all makes perfect sense. This is the apex of much of your prior training experiences and knowledge acquisition.
  • The varying objectives
  • The realities and strategies of those varying objectives
  • The basics of clearing a corner
  • The basics of movement in confined spaces
  • Mitigating exposure
  • Completely ambidextrous skill sets
  • The retention concept
  • T-intersections
  • Dealing with doors
  • Making entries and taking a room
  • Correct application of strategies inside of the varying objectives
  • Basic non-verbal communication
  • Leading a team
  • Teams of two
  • Teams of three
  • Teams of four
  • Basics of fighting in the dark
  • Low-light searching and clearing
  • Low-light strategies in teams