Barrel Rests for Gun Cabinet


Old Guy With Gun Fetish
Just bought a Stack On gun gun cabinet for overflow from my "Big Safe" and need to find some of the HARD PLASTIC barrel rests that screw to the walls.
I do not want to use the flimsy foam rests as comes with the cabinet.
Seems like these would be easy to find but I must be looking in the wrong place and can't seem to find what I am after.
Only the foam ones.
Stack On sells them, but are out of stock till after first of the year and I need em now .
Does anyone know where I can find these, locally if possible, but can order if I have to.
Any help would be really appreciated !



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I make my own, a length of straight 2x4, a forstner bit in the drill press, a couple of straight cuts with a jigsaw, scroll saw or bandsaw, some spray glue and felt, and it's ready to install.


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Did you ever come up with a solution?

If not, how about fishing rod holders? Or pool cue holder. The ones that I have are individual.


Old Guy With Gun Fetish
Yes I did !
Thanks for the suggestion though !
Took a while, but kept searching and found them here.
Rapid Alarm and Security Corporation , a safe and alarm company in NY.
They stock the factory barrel rests from Stack On ,in all available sizes.
Actually cheaper than Stack ON too .
One seven space and two 5 space were $20.50 plus $12.05 shipping.
Should be receiving them any day now.