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Be careful out there


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I've shot steel before at 25y and had ricochet/splatter come back and hit me, luckily at that distance it's of no consequence.

Here's a YouTube video of a guy shooting a 50 BMG at steel at a pretty far distance that it comes back and his him.
Maybe we should make a sticky about incompatible target to caliber? This isn't something any of us want to learn from experience.


- Buck or birdshot at wood or steel.

- 22lr close range at heavy steel

- Any caliber at steel rated for a higher caliber (?maybe?)

- Handgun calibers at bowling pins or balls. Not sure of 300blackout, but I wouldn't either. In fact I've heard so many stories I just avoid them altogether.

- Handgun calibers at tires

- Anything close up with pitted steel targets

What else???

If I'm not at a range (ie blm land), then I put my targets on some 12x4 lumber. No risk of ricochets, and will significantly reduce or stop any caliber other than shotgun stuff.

The only ricochet I've caught was with a BB gun pistol. I was probably about 8 or so, practicing quick draws...saw a little rock that looked like a good target....next thing I know I actually hit it (didn't think I would) and the BB came back and hit me square between the eyes. Taught me a good lesson. (This was before the Christmas story movie, so there wasn't even any humor value haha).