Beretta PX4 Compact Carry


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The model is the one worked up by Ernest Langdon. It was announced in 2016 but begin to appear with retailers or distributors in 2017. I purchased one in September, shot it once, and then I packed it away. I recently got it out again and ran more rounds through it.

The PX4 Compact Carry has low-profile decocker-only lever (G), smaller slide stop, and night sights. It also has a gray slide and decals to stick to the grip for better texturing. The magazine holds 15 rounds in 9mm Luger. Three magazines come with the pistol in the box.

It provides a full grip for most users. It is wider, but it balances nicely in the hand with a 3 inch barrel. It is smooth shooting with the rotating barrel system. I have not had any malfunctions.

I have decided to keep it. The challenge now is the find a good holster for it. The PX4 line of pistols does not have a lot of choices for holsters, but Beretta itself does sell a few types on its website.

Check it out. It is an under-rated pistol. But it is one well worth your consideration.

5.56 AP

Any pictures? So is this a newer generation/variation of the PX4 Storm? I’ve always been a fan of those.


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Got my eye on that one for my next carry handgun after reading Ernest Langdon's posts on

They say the rotating barrel makes it one of the most gently recoiling compact 9mms, I like that you can get a 20 rounder OEM spare from Beretta too.

Here's two good deals for anyone looking to get started:

$414 for the stock PX4c, Cerakoted

$704 for the Compact Carry edition (not sure if this one comes w the Robar NP3 coating)


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Here is a little educational/promotional video about the pistol. Some of the comments on it complain about the price of the pistol. People who get hung up on price miss the good stuff. If you need a cheaper hobby, there is always collecting beer cans.



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Also, yes, there is a long thread on the pistol-forum about the Beretta PX4 CC. It was the thing that got me interested in the pistol. I have handled the full-size PX4, and find it a robust firearm, but the compact offers almost the same capacity in 9mm Luger and comes in a great size for concealed carry. Yes, when compared to a Glock 43, the PX4 CC is too wide, but it is a pistol that can be shot well and shot often, unlike most of the compact 9mm Luger pistols.


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I love older Beretta products. I looked at the PX4 and the amount of plastic on the gun was a deal breaker. Perhaps another look is in order.
I love older Beretta products. I looked at the PX4 and the amount of plastic on the gun was a deal breaker. Perhaps another look is in order.
I own a full size unaltered px4 storm .40 sw. I have been told by "glock guys" it's the softest firing .40 they have ever shot. If you would like to try it, pay for the range fee and a box of .40 sw and you can try mine.


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I don't think the Stoeger Cougar is available anymore. It is not on Stoeger's website now.

I understand that pistols with polymer frames are not aesthetically interesting, but they are light and durable.
I am surprised that the metal ones still get made.