Boy Scout Auction Knife


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So who is getting this knife? Anyone we know? Is the auction price public knowledge?


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I was able to purchase it at the auction. The price was not as high as it would have been if people could have seen the finished product. It is awesome. That being said, this was intended to raise money for the scouts. If anyone on here wants the knife, let me know what you would be willing to pay and you can buy me out of it and donate the rest to our troop. It is a beautiful knife. I'm hoping I get it, but I also want to do the best we can for the scouts.


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Ok the knife is done. Just needs to be sharpened but I won't do that till the sheath is completed. No need for me or the sheath maker getting cut needlessly.

On the ferro rod. I have researched and looked at ways of turning the ferro rod without a lathe. Some process were simply but I complicated things by putting the copper liner into the ironwood.

So after researching different methods I opted to grind the handle oval. It won't be exactly oval but ground close and done by eye. If we have any wood workers in the house let me know so I can get with them about future knives and ferro rods.

Using a template to lay out the oval. Of course I have not template that fits it exactly so I'm going to have to improvise again.

laid out.

how I'm going to grind it.

Half way their.

well it's roughed in. Now I'm working on hand sanding it to 2000 grit and sealing it.


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almost finished.

Using a highly sophisticated and very expensive piece of equipment to draw a radius on the end of the ferro rod. Commonly called the quarter.

Took it to the grinder and rounded the radius in with the lines and by eye.

Ground in a thumb rest that uses the same radius as the bolster in the knife.

Sanded to 600 grit and getting ready to put the first layer of tung oil on.

That really makes the burl stick out.



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And here it is all together.

I have a few glue areas to clean up and that's it. It will be done here shortly. Now I'm contacting leather workers to see if they are available to make the sheath. If they are to busy then I'll make a sheath and document the process on here as well.


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This was a beautiful knife and awesome pictorial. Are you still making knives?
Ground my first blade in the new shop yesterday. Cut 3 fillet knives, 4 neck knives, 4 camp knives, and one straight razor. The forging part of the shop will be down for some time to come. But things are slowly moving in the right direction. It's still two steps forward one step back but I'm getting there.


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That's good news, I read threw your thread a couple days ago. Awesome work sir.

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That is good news Jimmy!

Keep showing us your knives!

I don't have anything too great, save for a couple of KaBars made by Canal Street, and a few Canal Streets. Of course these were far more mass produced than the customs that you do.