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Since I bought my BANSHEE 10mm AR pistol, I've had the AR PISTOL bug and have been looking for a 9mm little brother.

Did some research and came up with a laundry list of desired features.

GLOCK mags
8" + barrel length
CERAKOTE other than black-ish
Sub $800 buy in

Unfortunatley, the CMMG models were priced out of that range, being that they were $1K +
I really like their delayed bolt, but figured I could live without it on the 9mm rnd.

Found the BRIGADE brand and liked what I saw.
I went to my new IDAHO (thats my new digs) FFL and picked it up Thursday. Yesterday I ran its 1st box of ammo through it and I couldn't be happier. :)
She ran the box spliting it up between 2 25 rnd mags. Just some basic Magtech 115 grn RN FMJ.

Then the problem appears...

BRIGADE 010.jpg
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Just saw that they have a new limited editon .

The Brigade MFG BM-9 Echo Pistol - FOSTECH EDITION With Fostech AR II Echo Trigger Factory Installed. o_O

Man! That would be saweet!

Check out SOOTCH' video.



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Took her to the Farragut State Park range for a bit yesterday. Nice facility. Pistol, rifle and self operated clay throwers at the shootgun range.

Ran 100 rnds through her with zero issues. Still really fun to shoot. I sent my son a video of me shooting her. He said, "looks like your shooting a .22" lol

Any issues so far? Ive been looking to get one as my first ar pistol and a LGS has one of these in stock with 5.5” barrel. Just not too sure about the reliability.

I heard a lot of good things about the banshee but its just out of my price range. Definitely on my list though.


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Absolutely zero issues.
I decided to get the ECHO EDITION. And give my original to my son for his 21st Bday.
So the 1st 1 has been resting in the safe while the ECHO gets all the love.
Personally, I wouldn't get the short barrel. But to each his own. :)

The ECHO is sooo much fun! Nobody can shoot it in Binary without getin a big 'ol grin and laughin out loud.
Heres a vid of my breakin session. This was my 5th mag that day.
I can shoot faster now that I've been doin some finger workouts. :p



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I got the Banshee months ago.

The delayed bolt pays dividends on the larger calibers.
9mm is fine for a straight blowback. But I wouldn't want a 10 or 45 without that delayed blowback.

While the Banshee is not cheap, there's no questioning the quality.

The FOSTECH ECHO is it's equal but you need to decide do you put a premium on the caliber or the rapid fire?
I am a 10 mm fanboy and had to have that 10 mm Banshee.
I sold a Springfield TRP operator 6" 10 mm to finance the banshee and I do not regret it. :)


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I bought a ATI AR-9 pistol for my wife 2 years ago. She loves it. Has been 100% reliable with all ammo.
Added a brace, forward hand stop and a TruGlo Red Dot.
Only two things I don't like, (she doesn't care) it's a 5.5" barrel and doesn't have a bolt hold open for the last round.


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Gave my son his BM9.
We all went shooting and as usual had a literal blast.
My brother-in-law had never really done much shooting so I took him with us. I put the echo in his hands and tried showing him how to handle it. I think he rested his support thumb on the Bolt catch lever and it broke. The gun still worked fine just no last round bolt hold open feature. I contacted Brigade and they were quick to send me the part as well as an updated buffer Spring spacer. I noticed my son's BM was getting finicky with the last round bolt hold open. I told Brigade that and they are sending him the replacement & update kit as well.

So far, quality support from BRIGADE.