WTB Broken/Damaged Hudson H9 ... or parts

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As im sure you guys have heard Hudson has filed for bankruptcy and there is little to no aftermarket support for parts on these. im looking to buy some hudson h9's that have broken and are now expensive paperweights ... i want to compile some parts together so I can take them to a local machine shop thats owned by a friend of mine to see if i can have some parts reproduced out of a stronger material such as extractors, firing pins, or anything else i notice that become common failure points.

looking to get parts reproduced so that if i have a problem in the future... any of my friends have problems in the future i have spare parts... if its feasible and once they are reproduced and working as advertised i will post ads so people can turn their $1000 paperweight into a shooting firearm again.

keep in mind im looking to buy a paperweight firearm that has no future from a company that has gone out of business
so please dont think i will pay some sort of top dollar, as i will literally be stripping the firearm and just trying to get a few parts remade out of titanium or stainless steel, this will hopefully help myself and other H9 owners that run into future issues.