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BRPC update


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oulder Rifle and Pistol Club Membership

SUBJECT: BRPC Board Elections

FROM: BRPC Secretary Treasurer – Bill Grant

Former Board member Terry Atchison has submitted, and the undersigned board members have agreed to, a correction to the previous email sent to all members of Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club, as follows:

To clarify the last email dated November 11, 2020 (concerning board elections in January of 2021), there will be four, not three, positions on the Board of Directors to be up for election or reelection.

Also, three of the former Board members that are leaving are resigning (not retiring) due to the dysfunction and dissention about board policies.

The former Secretary Bill Grant also hereby submits that all control of accounts, monies, gate card access, emails, correspondence and club records have all been turned over to Vice President Fred Horne, and Board member Robert Brown as of November 18, 2020.

The final Secretary’s report from Bill Grant is as follows:

2021 members 1797

Total eligible to renew 1031

To be dropped in 2021 +/- 130 (for nonpayment of dues in 2019 and 2020)

Checking account balance $ 10,492.46

Savings account balance $295,901.68

Check book last balanced Oct 31, 2020 (with no discrepancies)

Your attendance and vote to control the board of your club is urgently requested at the January meeting.

Joe Israel – President

Bill Grant – Former Secretary/board member