Choke Tube Barrel Threading in LV?


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Hey everyone,

Considering having a barrel threaded for choke tubes. Anyone know what the average job runs and who could do it in Vegas?

I think they moved a couple blocks N over by trop now. Like I said more gun stores than starbucks...hard to keep track.


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Probably a fairly simple job with a reamer but not like like I'll be threading shotgun barrels left and right so don't really want to buy the tool.

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Yep, Marxman is no longer by McFadden-Dale. That location is now Grant Defense. They have a gunsmith, but he said he only does Glock and AR stuff.


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I'm up in the norther part of the state. Have a couple thoughts about threading for choke tubes.

Depending on the shotgun, it will be cheaper if you can get a replacement barrel that comes threaded. I checked into doing that for my 1100 and it was cheaper to buy a replacement barrel, plus I could keep the original skeet barrel. Another consideration is if there's enough material to actually thread the barrel. My gunsmith indicated that many barrels do not have sufficient material to safely thread for choke tubes.
I'm with 4D5 on this. Unless the gun is out of production or they don't make replacement barrels, I would look for a replacement. If the gun is out of production I don't know that I would want to alter it and take away any collectors value if it's something of value to start with.


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I'd be real surprised if New Frontier Armory couldn't do it, since I know from personal experience that Guido loves shotguns, skeet, trap, sporting clays, etc.

As for the cost, will depend on how many barrels, the type of choke it has to be threaded for (which depends on wall thickness) etc.

Figure one barrel, for a factory choke for that gun, $150 with no chokes.
I have an older 870 16ga barrel that I sent to Bob Day at, and he did a great job on it. He is in southern Cali. I don't remember the exact cost, but I think it was around $150 with shipping and 3 chokes. If you ship priority mail, it should only be about $8 each way.