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Consignment / Trade-In / Buying Used Guns FAQ's


Vegas' Favorite Gun Store

We offer several options for consignment of your firearms in our store, auctioning your firearms, buying your used firearms, or letting you trade in your used firearms towards the purchase of something in our shop.

You can bring your firearm into our store to be displayed for sale. We will agree on both an asking price and minimum price after examining the firearm and accessories. Please bring whatever related paperwork or accessories you have that will sell with the item (extra mags, holsters, ammo, etc).

We will display your item daily in our shop for sale. We also may advertise it on NV Shooters, ARFCOM, Backpage, New Frontier's Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages. This will ensure your item has maximum exposure to the local buying audience. We will be responsible for taking all pictures and posting all the info for your item.

Our fees are only 10% of the total sale price if you use the proceeds for store credit or a gift certificate. If you would like to be paid in cash when the item sells our fee is 15% of the total sale price.

The buyer of the item will be responsible for sales tax and the state background check fee. If you decide to pick your firearm up for ANY reason before it sells, you will be responsible for an ATF mandated background check fee of $25, but you will not incur any other fees. (If you have a CCW issued after 1 July 2011 you will be exempt from this fee.

We also will offer to auction your item on Gunbroker.com. The same fee's as above apply, plus our actual fees charged by Gunbroker. We have had great results using this auction site for rare, antique, or specialty firearms. You can reach a much larger audience and get top dollar for your item in today's market.

We can also offer you an instant cash buy price on your firearms, ammo, and accessories, as well as a trade in value that would be a bit higher.

Please remember to ensure your firearms are unloaded and cased if possible when presenting them for sale, trade-in, or consignment.
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I am a little confused as to why a person would have to undergo a background check in order to release a weapon back that was on consignment if the ownership had never changed. I know, it must be a state or federal reg, but is not logical.

The fact that you wouldn't charge a vig if we purchase another weapon in your store rocks!!!

I might see you this week!


Vegas' Favorite Gun Store
Bill, I agree its ridiculous, and obviously, you're right....BATFE regulations!

ATF theory:

Unless its for gunsmithing, when a gun gets left at my shop, it gets signed into my books which makes me legally responsible for it. The shop owner does not know how or where you bought it, and if you did a background check to get it or bought it FTF, etc. If its in my shop for sale for a month, and you commit a crime or do something that makes you unable to pass a background check, they don't want the gun going back to you.

In most states this isn't a big deal, but like explained in my post about transfers, NV imposes a fee for the background check.....thats what makes it suck!

Drop me an e-mail if you want to bring them by. sales@newfrontierarmory.com


Link to your gunbroker listings

Can you provide a link to your gunbroker listings or gun broker account. I like to buy from gunbroker within the area to save on shipping.


Vegas' Favorite Gun Store
With the recent passing of some great 2A laws and removal of laws, we are now 100% back in the used gun business!

What this means to you:

There is no longer a HOLD period for us to be able to sell your used guns

NFA will once again have a much larger selection of used guns for sale or trade

NFA will be able to place your guns in our store on consignment once again

NFA will let you trade in or sell us your used guns, ammo, and accessories

Stop in soon and let us help you sell that dusty firearm you don't shoot anymore and help get you into something thats been on your wish list!

REMINDER: We also buy estates and large collections of firearms, fishing gear, hunting gear, taxidermy, and anything outdoor related.
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