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Coyote Hunting for New Year's ??

Hi All,
I’m a resident of Chula Vista, CA but have not hunted in California since 1974. I did hunt the State many years ago, hunting predators the last few years that I hunted. I actually stopped hunting altogether in 1974 then started again in 2004 hunting mostly in Texas and a little in Arizona and bear hunting in Canada. Back when I was hunting competitive varmint hunts I hunted Coyotes up around Tonopah and did quite well. I have always wanted to return to NV and hunt some other areas like Winnemucca or along the eastern border with Arizona and or Utah.

I ran into this site while doing some research on Coyote hunting in NV as I have a need to be in the Las Vegas area at the end of the year and plan to spend four or five days there. I would like to try the area around Mesquite, if possible. I will be in town the 30th of December through the 3rd of January and would like to hook up with one of you local experts for a hunt or two.

I usually hunt with one of my wildcat varmint calibers, mostly in single shot configuration as I am a single shot collector and my very first rifle was a single shot, I killed a few carloads of small game with that rifle and have loved the single shots ever since. I have them in 6X47, 6X50, 6.5X225Win, 7X307, .222, .222 Mag, 243 Win, 22-250 well you all get the picture.

So if any of you are up for a hunt on those days let me know, I’d really enjoy some company.

Marcos (elalto)