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Coyote Hunting

Greetings, I am interested in finding an individual or group of avid hunters like myself to do some coyote hunts. I have done quite a bit of coyote hunting over the past 20 years. I have hunted back east (NY, CT), in UT (loved the $50 bounty) and now in southern NV. I have been hunting here in southern NV for about a year with some success. If anyone is interested let me know.
Hey man. I just started coyote hunting out here but I’ve been going about once or twice every weekend or so for the last month. I’ve been trying to find someone to hunt with and learn from so if you’re still interested and will wanna meet up for a hunt sometime, just contact me at maksimaarnio@hotmail.com
Well we’re in the same boat, I have been establishing my gear for hunting, I started getting interested in coyotes for awhile but other projects have derailed me from time to time.
How old are you ,What type of gear do you have, what type of rifle do you shoot,
I am in Yerington Nevada which is the Western Region in the hunting regulation book 85 miles southeast of Reno Nevada, I will be up to Yerington late November to December and if all goes right will be hunting between working on a building project.
Drop me a note at garrytopshop@gmail.com
Hi Garryzgarage, I am 61 years young!!! I shoot a savage 223. I typically will bring my icotec e calls and some mouth calls. I really like to mix it up. I am in the LV valley.
A little about me, I have been building AR’s for about ten years, I have Garrytopshop, we do AR uppers, and I shoot what I build,I have serval personal AR’s, 1-20” White Oak SS Wiley Chamber, 8x32 on top, 6.8 Remington spll, BHW 18”polygonal,6x24, and BHW 6.5 Grendel 18” ,
These are built on Billet Upper and Lowers, and a Fox Pro Fusion caller , this is what I am going to use for coyotes, we are located in Yerington Nevada,85 miles So.East of RENO, I am going to be looking around are area when we’re up in December, I have been watching utube and reading a lot about Elko Nevada area.Keep in touch I don’t know if that to far to travel, Garry
I will go with you. I got a 4x4 and all the gear and have called and killed quite a few. I am no expert, but perseverance pays off. You will find that almost everyone who claims they want to go is a new hunter, has no 4x4, little or no gear, doesn't want to invest more than 4 hours, and ultimately never goes. Central and northern NV are absolutely loaded, southern NV they are surely here, but you need to get like 100 miles or more from vegas and hit the 4x4.
RabbitSlayer, how old are,where are you located, I have the gear a few rifles,an other gear,and I have the time between work projects,when I get up to Yerington,
I don’t have experience in coyotes but I have hunted a few times I My life, I hope if all goes well I’ll be in touch with you,Garry
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