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Coyote in Las Vegas neighborhood (pics)

More details on nextdoor, please. Is it a bulletin board?
It is just a facebook-like combination forum/classified ad/angie's list that is localized to neighborhoods.

It is a good place to discuss micro-local issues, but suffers from all the same annoyances and busybodies that you'd find on a tightly localized facebook.



Swimming Pool Monkey
Today, I was servicing a pool pump in the rain at Alta and Valley View..Lacy Lane to be exact.
Looked up and a coyote was 30 feet away from me and sneaking in.
When I stood up, he made a bee-line past the swing-set and took off over the wall into the Water District's Desert Demonstration Gardens or whatever.
I think I must have looked small hovering over the pump. When I loomed, he understood the magnitude of my hulking.
I figured he was long gone but when leaving my account, there he was in the middle of Alta. As I thought about flattening him with the pool truck, he split through a fence-hole back into the WD property.
It was kind of surprising to see one in the inner city, but there are some huge properties back in that hood, plus the Springs Preserve, Water District and that.


Do Not Read This
I’m working in Vegas this weekend and staying at the Eastside Cannery. Spotted a coyote in the parking lot about 100’ from the door last night as I was parking. Got out of my truck and thought I saw a dog. I started talking to it and it walked off back toward a neighborhood.


Longing to Breath Free
More details on nextdoor, please. Is it a bulletin board?
We've got a few coyotes in our neighborhood, some one on Next Door, said, "I was out walking and saw a coyote" and people responded (I kid you not) "Are you OK? Did you alert the authorities?" I'm thinking, it's a stupid coyote, for crying out loud.... Actually stupid people, probably a smart coyote......I'll be out of here in less than 6 weeks, wish it was sooner!