Crossroads Gun Show


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Got some good deals on mags, small parts and etc. Was there over few hours so $14 was just like a movie ticket, no problem with that and parking was ample and free. However, looking at a revolver which it was obvious the barrel was shorten (1/2 roll mark cut off) but he insist its factory and asking price was retail. Another was a Python stocks listed as Type 2's when it was Type 3's, he said he was 1000% sure so I said thank you and continue on my way.


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@Yippi stopped by to say hi, so I stopped by his booth. He makes very nice leather holsters. He just needs someone to make him a website so he can make it bigtime.
He should look at WordPress and a free OceanWP template, it gives you a choice of a number of eCommerce layouts, already pre-configured, all he has to do is add products and categories. Shopping Cart and payment gateways are free, as plugins, and include a choice of PayPal and/or pretty much any cc out there. Shipping rates are configurable. He'll need to create an account with PayPal, Stripe or Squared, they all charge same rates, per transaction. Web hosting is dirt cheap these days.

I had to jump through a few hoops with payment gateways since we sell wine, same rules as guns, but for simple eCommerce its simple and easy. I was done in 2 weeks flat, and only because I wanted things in certain way and had to learn some PHP and CSS tricks. But its a quick way to get eCommerce going, really takes almost no time. I spent less than $200, all in, and only because we needed some elaborate tweaks making me re-code most of the look and feel, so $90 for an editor, and then a few extras for shipping rates plugin specific to wine and such. He can bypass all of that, then sign up for $15 per month for web hosting and 3% per transaction for payment gateway. Not much, really.