Discount Firearms gunsmithing?

Has anyone had any work done at Discount Firearms in Las Vegas? I haven't used them before and I'm wondering if they do good work. I'm considering an AR upper that they did a muzzle device pin and weld on.
Yes, Billy the gunsmith is great, i was there today he went over all 3 of my aks, and 2 ars, and hes quick. That job may take him 20 minutes


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Some of the salesmen are a little uninformed tho. I had one tell me that I illegally made an sbr because my sba 3 pistol brace wasn’t permanently attached to the buffer tube and was adjustable lol
That’s ridiculous. I haven’t had good experiences with the salesmen there either, but Billy the gunsmith seems to be a good guy. He once gave my girlfriend and I each a mag of auto MP5 fun when he was on the lane next to us. Quite nice of him.

Ended up getting a 16 inch upper. Don’t like being stuck with a muzzle device I’m not familiar with.