Do the Walmarts in Vegas still carry guns and ammo?


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Used to be a state law in Alaska that if you sold guns, you had to sell hanguns, not just long guns. Or so a cousin told me when I visited him in Juneau in the late 70's.

He was an Alakan state trooper, dunno if he knew what he was talking about or not.


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The one on Tropical, off of Centennial in the NorthWest area, sells lot so long guns, and lots of ammo. The employees there are very helpful. There is NO LACK OF DEMAND at any WalMart. The fact that a store has no guns or ammo for sale is either due to repeated violations or problems with procedures, or a decision based upon the location of the store. There is probably not a WalMart anywhere in America that does not have sufficient demand for firearms, and, especially ammo, to warrant sales.