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Douglas County Shooting Range

The Carson City range opened back up four days a week and now charges $5 for residents and $10 for non-residents. Not too bad a price for the use of their excellent facility, however, if you don't mind a little extra drive time, the Douglas County range just re-opened after some major improvements and the cost there is only $2 per car, so take your friends. They have separate rifle and pistol ranges with benches, bring your own chair, and the rifle range goes out to 300 yds and the pistol range goes out to 50 yds. Both have covered shooting areas and they also have a Sani-hut "cause there ain't no bushes. They are open dawn to dusk 7 days a week so there is at least one place to go mid-week. The Sheriff's Dept. has it closed for training on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for training until noon. douglas co. pistol range.jpg Douglas co. rifle range.jpg


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That is by FAR my favorite range. Can be a bit windy, but on a hot day it can cool you off nicely. The soil/gravel can be a little hard to pound stakes into. Nice to practice drills and rapid fire. Generally the people are very friendly, courteous, and well informed to the safety of others. I usually make a day of it if I run into the regulars and trade shooting different pistols and general shop talk.

One day some guys set up a cannon over at the rifle side. "fire in the hole!" That was fun to watch.

How things may change tho, last time I was there I couldn't give away my new fired brass. Now? Probably a much different story. I don't reload so have at it gentlemen.

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I drove out to washoe county range on Sunday, got there right after 9am. Limiting people to every other bench. The place was packed full. I was offered a spot "on the list" and I would have been person number 10.

I said no thanks, then got told "If you ain't here by quarter til, don't even bother showing up until 11"


Everything is such a goddamn hassle these days. Spent over an hour in the car when I could have driven 15 minuts out behind my house, but I wanted a flat area with set distances and a nice solid bench. Maybe I'll have to check these other areas.