DPMS Panther Jams with live rounds


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1st time, ammo=WWB. magazine=pre-ban metal mag. USA made. 20 loaded to 18 rounds. Live round jammed in works. Cut cartridge open. Blew out powder. Cut up cartridge and removed pieces with needle nose.
2nd time Live round locked bolt up. Ventura munitions reman's. magpul mag30 round about 8 rounds in mag. Pulled upper from lower, tapped bolt open with cleaning rod from muzzle.

I am not comfortable using a hammer on a gun with a live round in the weapon.

I don't fire this weapon much. But when I do, I expect it to behave like my other semi auto pistols, and rifles. I shouldn't have to take my non-gun tool chest to the range to clear jams. The only tool I have needed for semi-auto pistol jams is a pocket knife.

Bought this just after Bill Clinton's "weapons ban". No muzzle brake or bayonet lug.

Do I change out anything? Bolt group? Upper? lower? Sell it and buy something more $$? Or go back to non plastic rifles?. Never had to use tools on them.

I wouldn't carry this gun into combat, or use it for SHTF situation.


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If you are not familiar or comfortable with building ARs, recommend a gunsmith to evaluate. I would have too many questions about your AR to initiate troubleshooting recommendations. I would evaluate your rifle bore paying attention to the gas port, your gas-block, gas line, bolt carrier group, lower receiver, upper receiver, buffer tube, buffer and spring. You have seemed to rule out magazine issue by replicating problem with a different magazine (PMAG).

The good news is that you should be able get your AR working reliably and accurately; worst case scenario, you may not have much of your original AR left when finished.

If I were to guess at the problem without any inspection or further information; it may be the ejector, part of the bolt body, as part of the bolt carrier group.
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This is the easiest solution. by far.

Have you been shooting it regularly since it was new?
In December, about 300 rounds. I field stripped and re-lubed lightly before shooting. Before that 2008. Before that 2004. Prefer old skool rifles, but thinking about converting to the AR fan club. I cleaned it up real good. I will take it down and inspect all that usmcnye suggested. It then will be time for another range evaluation. How many rounds of average reman's will average AR digest before running a bore patch at the range?


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Sounds like when I didn't push the shoulder back far enough on my reloads. I'd take the rifle to a Smith I'll bet it doesn't close on a go gauge. Cerrosafe the barrel and the shoulder probably wasn't cut properly in their haste to make dollars