Examples of how to and not to post WTS/WTT/WTB ads

If we could post the location for posts at the end of the title such as 'WTS ak47 - Henderson' or 'WTB [insert random antique handgun here] - Reno' That'd be pretty amazeballs. Seems 95% of the forum lives in Vegas or henderson and fairly certain I won't go there in a long time. Once in a blue moon the Reno post comes and I get happy lol. All these posts of firearms I'm totally interested in and turns out they're all the way in Vegas / Henderson just makes me sad :reaction:
Why does the OP go back and change the title to sold and clear out the OP? Why not just amend the title with SOLD as a prefix and ask it to be locked? The rest of the thread with comments and questions just look crappy now.
They don't have to state who they sold it to. This isn't my first rodeo on forums. It looks messy and unorganized when there are a bunch of threads that are titled SOLD. If I were doing a search on the site to try to get an idea of a previous asking prices the threads are all jacked up.