FBI Agent Loses Gun Doing Back Flip While Dancing In Denver Bar

Not arrested.

do you think if I go dancing, drop my CCW piece, and it "goes off" (guns do this all the time, according to the media, I think if you look at them wrong it can happen), that I WON'T be arrested and in jail, and looking at expensive legal bills?

This FBI "trained professional" probable had a couple of drinks at the club before he decided to bust a move on the dance floor, and FIRED the gun when he carelessly grabbed it and PULLED THE TRIGGER.

Funny how the media isn't reporting it that way.

Video is clear.


The Perfectionist
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Dumb ass should be fired and arrested. Unreal how you need a college education to get into the FBI but (poop) like this happens.

Let that be one of us and see what happens.



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It is yet another example why Congress ought to disband the FBI and assign its duties to other Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.


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It would not matter if we were a FBI agent or local PD. Cops always get a break and it really pisses me off that they are held to a lighter standard then Joe average citizen. How many of us have seen the way cops drive? Tail gating and speeding .