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Feedback on Using Rubber Dummy Targets?


Retired X-Unit
Forum Supporter
I own three steel silhouette targets, but found you can't use them for close range work for fear of back splatter. I hate using paper targets for close range work as they tend to shred from the muzzle blast. Cardboard targets are too pricey. While searching the internet, I was sent an ad from a local FFL who markets man size rubber dummy targets which they promote as reusable and good for several thousand rounds. It appears all you need to reset the target is a can of white spray paint to cover up the impact points. At a cost of under $150 it sounds appealing. Does anyone have any feedback on it's use, longevity and durability? I plan on using 9mm, 38Spl & .380auto on it.
I've used them and they are an excellent resource. Not only is the durability nice, but the three-dimensional profile adds training insight, especially if shooting at more oblique angles. Throw a t-shirt on them to get a very real experience. I think they are an excellent investment!