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Finally got my 1000 yard gun done!

Just thought I'd stick a pic of my .284 Winchester 1000 yard F-Open gun setup IMG_20190217_100747153.jpg on here now that it is finished. McMillan KESTROS R stock painted by a buddy who does nice graphics and LOVES to paint, PT & G bolt, custom knob with .284 cartridge head in it, Krieger Light Varmint SS barrel--chambered and headspaced by LRI in Sturgis,, VORTEX Golden Eagle scope, LRI accurized Rem 700 Long Action, Timney Calvin Elite trigger, Single shot aluminum follower inside the no bottom metal stock. Rest is a SEB NEO that I built a couple of sets of feet for (one with spikes that I can hammer on for softer ground and one set with rubber centers that contact a bench or other hard surface). I built the ammo block was built out of bits of scrap stuff found here and there in my shop. I think it looks OK, but now, truth be told, the gun looks way better than I can shoot!! Even though I am not like a shooting star or whatever, I guess can I try to look good doing it!! Trouble seems to be that I am a wind doping DUMMY!!